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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  November 10, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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today phillips testified about how slim and small he was in 2001. skinny and about 5-4. prosecutors maintained her killer overpowered her and literally dragged her into the woods and killed her. >> it was just scratches on his face. >> despite the wounds on his face and his prior convictions for attacking two women, this is how phillips answered when asked whether she thought he kille he killed her. >> i do not. >> prosecutors agreed to drop attempted sexual assault and one of the murder counts against him. the trial will begin next week. >> 5:00, we have learned that the
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mail slot in search of the last month in england could have exploded over the eastern part of the united states. yemen-based al qaeda has claimed responsibility for this attack. a group has also vowed to send more explosive packages to the u.s. >> police now have a a sketch of a suspect a recent radio woman who was taking out her garbage. this is the man police are looking for. and brad bell joins us with more details. >> police want to catch them in cash tenzin and get him off the street. you can see here the bicycle patrols are now working communities. as you said, the witness was able to get a good enough description to police that they were able to generate this
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composite. >> take a look at this police composite sketch. it may be that a separate this. detectives say he is in his 30's, 6 feet tall, chunky, and was last seen wearing a maroon sweat shirt. -- it may be the face of a rapists. on monday night at 23-year-old woman was raped as she took trash to her judumpster. >> it is strange. it is weird for me. it is a pretty nice area. nothing ever like this. this is my first time. >> in addition to the sketch, police have beefed up controls in this area. the chief of police walked around this afternoon to make sure he talked to all community members. >> always be around at youware r
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surroundings. >> there is a lot of crazy people around. >> the detectives are also talking to detectives from other jurisdictions to see if there are any similar cases. there are hoping to develop some signs, some dna evidence. >> thank you. here is one more look at the rape suspect composite sketch. if you recognize this man or have any information at all about the crime, if you are asked to call in randall county police. >> newschopper 7 was over a burning house at 8200 block in clinton around 11:30 this morning. four firefighter suffered some injuries while battling the blaze. all were treated and released from the hospital.
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firefighters say the house was taken and no one was injured. the cause is still under investigation. sunshine around the metro area. the question is, will it last? >> we are not quite finished with his gorgeous fall weather pattern. -- with this point gorgeous fall weather pattern. spectacular. clear and cool evening. 61 right now. 65 in martinsburg. george washington university campus, 64 was there hyperion 16 in chantilly. 59 in alexandria. 58 in the says tpesebethesda. the rain will make a comeback to washington. the question is when? i have the answer in your seven-
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day forecast just minutes from now. a former cross creek state university -- frostberg creek state university will spend time in jail. he pleaded guilty to shooting a woman. a $145 million lawsuit will go to trial next year. cheryl grate died after being struck by a stun gun. according to our partners, officials argued that a deputy was entitled to immunity because his actions occurred during performance of his duties. an appeals court disagrees with that. a mystery regarding
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estranged plume of smoke might now be solved. the pentagon has weighed in. we're in the newsroom with what officials had to say about this. >> basically they're saying it is not the end of the world, we are not under attack, it was simply the condensation trails of an aircraft. the case is closed. d.o. this strange streak had our imaginations buzzing. -- >> this strange streak had our imaginations buzzing. the faa, dispense -- defense department and commercial pilots flying through the area all detected nothing unusual. our meteorologist dismissed it as just an airplane's condensation trails. the pentagon concluded today it must have been.
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stating we have no evidence to suggest this was anything other than a condensation trails caused by an aircraft, not a ufo and not a missile. >> it does not accelerate. ballistic missiles accelerate. this troubles at a constant velocity. it is going in the wrong direction. this seems to be going north and south. >> still, do we absolutely know for sure? >> you can never be 100% sure of anything. >> it looks like a vertical plane you would associate with a missile protectory, they say that is from the perspective. live in the newsroom, greta kreuz, abc7 news. >> coming up next, fire started in the streets. why are sued and so angry? one man lost 30 pounds and
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it was all to prove all points. we have no power on the ship at all. >> the latest
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>> the carnival splendor is finally on the move after an engine fire left it stranded off the coast of must comexico. >> they were stranded without hot water and air conditioning. >> they are totally the shipped to san diego, but it is a slow process. they are now within cell phones range. we're getting our first reports. >> twice the size of ted can tithe titanic and stranded off e coast of mexico. >> anything that is in a closed- door smells like rotten food. it is the lowest grade of living avaimaginable. >> it left the massive luxury
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ship without power, air conditioning, or hot food. >> the vessel is safe, but it is unable to make way. >> today finally some good news. tugboats arrived to pull the vessel to land. >> we have tugboats that are pulling us and we have the u.s. coast guard cutters on one side and the mexican coast guard on the other side. >> the bathrooms are now working. navy helicopters airlifted crates of spam. >> we had just over 10,000 pounds of food and supplies. there is bread, cups, utensils. >> the vacation turned nightmare should be over soon. they're expected to go into the dock thursday night. >> carnival called and apologize to passengers and said they will
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give future vouchers for cruises. >> tuition hikes in england are turning a violent -- protests over tuition hikes and england are turning violent. one student said the protesters were destroying the building in the same with the government was destroying affordable to wish nation. he-- tuition. david cameron says an increase of 2 $14,000 is needed to offset costs. >> cageorge washington university students are fighting back against a controversial group. members of the ultra- conservatives group will be protesting at washington circles during the morning rush hour. they said they wanted to say something this didn'he church h.
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>> we wanted to come together as a community and represent that's what they are saying is not important, and that it is a uniting factor among us. >> more than 1000 students have signed up on facebook to be a part of this counter protest. >> of the few and they're proud are celebrating a of a big milestone. it-- this view and approach are celebrating a big milestone. the marine was created by its continental congress on november 10, 1775. >> they had a beautiful day to be outside. mild temperatures. veterans day tomorrow. it will be perfect. sunshine and 60 degrees. this will end. we cannot go on forever. i keep giving you my solution on how this will work.
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we will get to a point where we will ask for the sun is. enjoy it now. we will take you up to frederick. the earth and space lab put their camera and emotion during the dead. no missile plumes there. nice clear day. temperatures will fall pretty quickly through the evening hours. temperatures for you right now 60 degrees. just a little bit of a breeze out of the north. a stop in college park, 60 degrees at the university of maryland. as we go through the evening hours, skies will stay mostly clear. temperatures will start to fall again. we will end up in the lower 30's. that has been the pattern for the past several days. what is coming next? a very pleasant outdoor weather pattern for the next few hours.
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we will get down to lower numbers by morning, but this is the with the pattern has been. we warm up to the mid-60's during the day and 40's at night. the cold air hanging just to the north by a few miles. in the southwest of the region we're in the low 70's. we are locked in a pattern of comfortable air. it looks like we will get a little push in temperatures. a mid-60's by the weekend. colder temperatures back to the west. the next cold front will change the pattern by the time we get to the day on tuesday. until then, very comfortable temperatures. still some lingering clouds off the coast. thursday and friday is mostly on the clear sky. -- clear side. high pressure will remain dominant until the point. as we had through the evening hours, temperatures at 11:00
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just about 51 degrees. 44 and average week of temperature. we will make it back to the 60- degree mark for veterans day. the next seven days looks pretty sweet deal with the continuation of the fall weather pattern. 65 is the warmest stretch. computer models continue to suggest we will see the next chance of rain come with the cold front on tuesday. at least the cloudier day on tuesday. perhaps some showers. >> state to wash the car now. >> are you offering? >> no. [laughter] >> it is country music's night to shine. terry underwood and brad paisley host: 44th annual awards show. -- carrie underwood and prad paisley host the 44th annual awards show.
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>> of things are looking up for her. you ought to see who takes home the gold on the country music awards at 8:00 followed by abc7 news at 11:00. here is your next chance to win tickets to one of oprah's final shows. today's news password is life. enter the key words and you will be entered in the drawing. on monday we will pick a winner live. the winner will get two tickets to see oprah, air fare, accommodations in chicago to see oprah. >> proposed cuts that could affect your social security and mortgages. the labels on cigarettes are getting more graphic. words of wisdom for us all.
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a beautiful dress for a beautiful bride. why these women are
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>> 7 is on your side with details on the new way the federal government is trying to curb smoking in america. >> will soon be larger and more graphic details on cigarettes.
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>> precautions could hardly be more stark. warning, cigarettes cause cancer, heart disease, and stroke. the even more direct, smoking can kill you. >> we want to make sure every person that picks up a pack of cigarettes knows exactly what the risk as they are taking. >> by this time in 2012, the fda will put those four messages like those on a cigarette pack near you. >> they will say that tobacco products are addictive and tobacco could kill. >> look at these pictures. a smoker exhaling through a hole in his neck. a baby in agony. and a toe tag. half the front and back of cigarettes tax, 20% of abs. >> every pack will become a mini billboard that tells them about
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smoking. tacom>> this may go down as onef the single most important days. >> the government will tell us what we can and cannot eat. cigarette companies said they would abide by lahore rules already in use in 37 countries. -- cigarette companies said they would abide by the rules already in use in 37 countries. john hendricks, abc7 news, washington. if you take drugs to lower your cholesterol, some say that they may have even more benefits. researchers say that those involving the most intense doses lowered the cholesterol without the bad effects. planning a wedding is no
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easy task, but now imagine planning a wedding will your beyoncwhile your fianeecee this thousands of miles away fighting of war. >> distance can be a problem, and so can being able to afford address. that is why this nationwide program is giving military bride's a break. >> maria is getting married next october, but she's already shopping for a wedding dress. >> this is the best dress ever. i am so excited. she is able to get her wedding dress for three through the bride's across america program. >> i feel really beautiful in its. i think this exactly what my mom was envisioning when she was talking about it. >> chevy chase bridle will give away 50 dresses to military brides. >> a bridal dress can be very
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expensive, even on the low end. it is a lot for some of these people. >> i was thinking of getting my address all of the ddress off os is definitely a step up. >> dean of rodriguez and her a rodriguez and her fiancee just returned and plan to get married in three months. >> i thought it was a joke when i read it. and it was a free wedding dress. and i was amazed. this is a great thing they are doing. >> this is the second time this particular store has taken part in this giveaway. coming up on abc7 news at
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5:00, a deer blocks into a bar. it is not a joke. see how this year makes and out of the bar. more problems for metro tonight. that story coming up. mclean virginia seniors are losing hundreds of thousands of
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 5:00. this is 877 news at 5:00 on your side. in -- this is abc 7 news at 5:00 on your side. in those who prey on the elderly still hundreds of thousands of dollars. only on seven, we're joined live with one woman starting story about a problem that is plaguing our area. -- startling story about a problem that is plaguing our area. we ask >> the local police department, why this area? we have a lot of wealthy seniors to have a lot of money and scam artists know it. this is it. this is all she has. her life savings down to accuse sens. >> i have $33 worth of corn'ins.
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>> she says scam artists have taken more than $100,000 from her over the past few months. initially opposing on the phone as being with the internal revenue service, saying she needed to pay thousands and taxes, which she unknowingly why your desired to scam artists the out of the country. >> police say this camera gets the senior on the phone and either say they want money or 08. -- won money or owe it. to go they are ruthless. obviously they recognize a person that was willing to give a large sum of money. now deeply in debt, this woman said she hoped this will raise awareness about this problem.
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she knows other people have been conned out of cash and credit, and she is match. >> i hope they get in trouble, big trouble. >> the chances of per recouping her losses are minimal. right now investigators in fairfax county and alexandria, they tell the stories and they are now working with the federal trade commission to see if they cannot track the source of a lot of thatf the offshore activity. one proposal would reduce annual cost-of-living increases for social security. advocates for seniors are already upset about the recent announcement that there will be no cost-of-living increase for 2011. and they are proposing eliminate the mortgage tax deduction. some call these proposals extreme. members will resume their debate
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next week. there has been another critical issue found on the metro system. and we are live from the dupont metro station with the details. >> the draft copy of all that sounds serious brake problems with the metro escalators, including here at dupont. it also shows water getting into the elevator's put circuitry. this could cause serious safety concerns for workers. >> the men and women who repaired these may not be safe. the findings from our recent audit showed there are significant safety concerns with water in the elevator and escalator machinery in comptroller areas. this is a life-safety hazard for anyone working in those conditions.
5:33 pm
alex who inspected and repaired escalators for 35 years says he is not at all surprised by the findings. he says he frequently worried about the mix of water and life power and tried to get the word to metro. >> we had complained to a city person, and we assumed they complain to metro. >> in mid-october, responding to an earlier audit, metro give the timeline to improve them. its said by december they would complete a water intrusion plan. by the first quarter of 2011 they would award a contract and serve it the lighting circuitry for the elevator and escalator workers. they call the water problems at critical life-safety issues, and writers are asking metro to do something.
5:34 pm
-- riders of are asking metro to do something. when asked if metro step up its plan after receiving this audit, a spokesperson would only say they're working as quickly as possible. another setback for maryland's push to put a slot parlor near cumberland. the state deadline has passed without a bid. the lodge's financed by the state. the license would allow for a casino with 1500 slot machines. they will work with state lawmakers to make the new location more attractive to potential bidders. tacom>> former veterans are geta kick off. the veterans work to in the yard and painted inside. they are building a home for a civilian family enclave street
5:35 pm
in northeast. >> if you have got free time, america is the place we need to help first. let's start here before we fix everybody else. do this. i think it is great. time now for a check of the traffic situation. eric thomas is watching the situation for us. >> north on georgia avenue will be completely closed at cameron street, which is downtown silver spring. there is police activity forcing everyone to turn. you cannot go any farther north than cameron street. elsewhere, at the beltway looks terrible. outer loop is pretty normal as far as the distance of delays. however, you will find it is even more so than what you are probably accustomed to.
5:36 pm
this continues around. let's take a look at what is going on i-95 southbound. it is relatively light. seeing slower traffic but at least it is moving. coming up on abc7 news, sarah palin stirring up controversy tonight. this time it is all over cookies. pumped up pegg. a new report shows the number of federal workers making six- figure salaries has soared over boss: and now i'll turn it over to the gecko. gecko: ah, thank you, sir. as we all know, geico has been saving people money on rv, camper and trailer insurance... well as motorcycle insurance... gecko: oh...sorry, technical difficulties.
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it was a sobering day for the thirsty third goal. -- thirsty turtle. it has been shut down. >> we just learned that the serious charges against the suspect had been dropped.
5:40 pm
the thirsty turtle turned in their bigger license. -- turned in their liquor license. >> there were questions about why it was handed over so easily. >> it is too big an operation for alan to run by himself. he has to rely on staff, and he is concerned that he cannot. >> linda carter said the are openly decided it could not trust employees. in september an undercover police officer, and serving under age students. the liquor board told us today that the to the best of their knowledge they can no longer find them because they do not have a license. they called it an chartered territory back and the answers would come of that the
5:41 pm
hearing tonight. police testified to the unfavorable track record. if county officials and closing the bar will make campus any safer, students say they are just nike. >> people will drink elsewhere no matter what. it is a college. come on. >> earlier this afternoon posted a message on their face but page. the message was irp. -- facebook page. eat twinkies and lose weight. and nutritious as it is not what you eat but how much you eat. she is known for her words and with them. now share from -- hear
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>> claimed poet and author, maya angelou has claimetouch millions
5:45 pm
with her words. >> i start with i e n byby and . >> his voice touches the human spirit. >> i have been given great gifts by god. i share them. >> at 82-years old, he offers words of wisdom . >> airports are impossible. the woman who started her career as a dancer, still lets life's read them guide her. >> of the dancing is over. -- the dancing is over. she does not get around quite as well as she used to, but here at
5:46 pm
her home in winston-salem, n.c., she continues to write and entertain. her newest book mixes the two. she says her poems are like her children. >> just because i walked like i have oil wells coming into my living room. and [laughter] >> she says her class a poem chris minds ofic poem reminds he resilience and all of us. and her home filled with photographs of those she calls friends, oprah and others. >> i was almost able to touch dr. hikes casket. it was very unnerving.
5:47 pm
>> she has outlived many of her friends, and she says her goal now is to continue living passionately, sharing life lessons that have made her a phenomenal woman. >> my grandmother raised me and taught me when you learn, teach. there is -- windows dictate, you can live a life of honor and a generous life. -- when those dictate, you can live a life of honor and a generous life. what a wonderful life and incredible laugh. what sounds like the world's most ridiculous die is apparently working for one man. in he has dropped 27 pounds by eating twinkies. for 10 weeks this nutrition professor has been feasting on
5:48 pm
various snack cakes and brownies with a few vegetables and protein shakes. the point he is trying to make is that moderation and low- caloric intake are more important than to nnutritional value. >> they will probably end up gaining weight. >> he says the twinkie die yet brought is bad cholesterol down by 20%, although he admits the option is not right for everyone. > a deer burst through the window on friday. surveillance cameras ketches the animal sliding through the window. one employee jumped on top of the bar to try to protect yourself. to mark the occasion, to signs now say no hunting and two beers for a buck.
5:49 pm
[laughter] let's see what is coming up now at abc7 news at 6:00. gordon peterson joins us with a look ahead. >> chilling new information on the yemen bomb plot. one of the bonds was set to detonate inside the plane flying over the united states. we will tell you where. this is someone thaething tt affects everyone's life, not just the pilots. says he is very concerned about new rules. how they could affect passenger safety coming in tonight at 6:00. we have been having great weather. >> we have to enjoy it while we can. how are things looking for tonight? >> nice and cool again. 30's and 40's overnight.
5:50 pm
changes are coming. let's get to the weather bug in and talk about numbers across the area. winchester currently 53 degrees. 56 degrees in montgomery county. on the weather computer we're watching the satellite map. high pressure is the dominant force that is keeping us dry. it will continue to do so for the next three or four days with plenty of sunshine. a bit of a moderation in temperatures over the weekend. a cold front will develop as we head into late monday and early tuesday. that is the timeframe for a few clouds and maybe a few showers. looking ahead to friday, the lower 60's with sunshine on saturday. those 60's on sunday. a few clouds increase on monday.
5:51 pm
30% chance of showers with a cold front on tuesday. more coming up in the next hour or. it looks like springtime. the redskins were back on the field today as they prepare for monday night's game against the philadelphia eagles. mike shanahan said today that michael mcmahon is still not -- mcnabb is still not full speed. >> i always a positive with everything. -- stay positive with everything. it is a chain effects. that is the way you have to approach things. not just in full all but in life. things may not look so bright right now, but believe me, when
5:52 pm
this vacancy is on, it will open up a lot of things. to go more of that coming up a 6:00. in the meantime, let's talk about the wizards. -- >> more of that coming up at 6:00. >> i was trying to be a good teammate. nick wanted to play. i thought i would take the day off. i like to the coach and tell him my knee was sore. i screwed up again. i just want to say sorry. >> it turns out that was a law also. this is incredible. he said i was really scared of getting bood. here i was six years later and i was him. i was scared to go out there. the truth will set you free. maybe magic johnson can set you
5:53 pm
otraighten you out. are you kidding me with this guy? one lie after another. >> i do not know what to believe. we will see what happens. of next, sarah palin has started a cookie controversy. with capital one bank's new checking with rewards,
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me and the boys earn rewards just for everyday banking. like getting money from the drive thru. and taking out cash at the bank. paying our bills online earns us rewards. now send. we even earn rewards just for swiping our debit cards. it's new checking with rewards at capital one banks all over the dc area. what's in your wallet?
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sarah palin got involved in the debate over what your children should be eating at school. she says the government needs to back off and let the parents decide which should be in your child's diet. >> this is something that is being argued about from the classroom to capitol hill, what should your child be allowed to eat?
5:57 pm
>> i had to shake up a little bit. you could say that sarah palin is at it again at cooking up controversy. this time over cookies. >> i heard there is a debate going on in pennsylvania over whether public schools are going to be aan sweets, cakes. >> she told of dozens of collectibles at the state school wall the state is considering limiting sweeps. on twitter she calls the calorie cap a nany run amuck. >> we have so little say in what goes on anymore. it seems the line over waistlines has become political. >> republicans do not want any
5:58 pm
regulation and democrats want regulation. >> some are due no oversight, plenty of obesity. -- some say no oversight, plenty of obesity. there are plenty of ideas already on the internet. >> her reality show debuts next week. she is constantly asked if she will run for president in 2012. she was asked again after that speech and she replied with no comment. this winter visitors will get the chance to see the national zoo and a whole new light. friends of the national zoo and announced a donation will make it free for the very first time. it will let visitors see the zoo
5:59 pm
at night by the light of dozens of holiday displays. it is beautiful. there will be holiday treats and a train ride for children. visitors will still have to pay for parking. this kicks off december 3. >> that is all 4 s at 5:00. coming up, attacked avoided. police in the mail bomb could have exploded over the u.s. is not caught. how close the plant can to succeeding. testimony today in this chandra levy case. >> none of us have the right to compromise public safety. >> one of the nation's best known pilots. why he says new rules for pilots may endanger passengers'. abc7 news at 6:00 starts right now. live and in hd, this


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